Petersen Museum: Automotive History Galore


The drab grey building housing the Petersen Museum in downtown Los Angeles isn’t very inviting, but once you get inside, you’ll be treated to a wide number of exhibits ranging from the earliest automobiles to futuristic concepts. I was lucky enough to go through a limited time tour of the Vault, a special collection of cars that are not typically on exhibit. The tours were supposed to end January 6th, but they’ve been extended to the end of January. If you’re looking for a family friendly outing this weekend, be sure to check it out! Follow the jump more info and some photos.

The vault is a bit of a misnomer. It’s really 2 large storage areas underneath the main museum. I’ll let it slide since “Vault” sounds much cooler than “Basement”. Sadly, no photos are allowed in the vault, but an upbeat and chatty guide will guide you through legends like the Ferrari F40, 1952 Ferrari Barchetta, Toyota 2000GT, an original 911 (named a 901), and so many more. It’s definitely worth a visit. Prices are $12 for adults, $5 for students, $3 for teens, and free for kids under 5. The vault tour is an extra $25, but definitely worth it. Full details can be found on the Petersen site.