Eugoogly for Fisker Karma


Fisker Motor’s broke. Bankrupt. All outta the green stuff. It’s a real shame. No, I won’t miss the clever hybrid gasoline-electric range extender powertrain. The performance numbers weren’t stellar (0-60 in 6.3 seconds, 125 MPH top speed), it didn’t have enough range to be a grand tourer (230 miles), and it certainly wasn’t cheap ($100k+). So why do I miss it? Well, just look at it.

There are faster cars, there are more practical cars, there are better cars by any yardstick, but few cars look this good. The kidney grill reminds me pre-Bangle BMW with a sinister twist; The headlights, a Z8. The tail lights are cribbed off an Audi from the future. In profile, the car looks more concept than production, deftly catching and reflecting light in ways a real car rarely does.

Some cars are too stunning to be crippled by something as pedestrian as a drivetrain. The Alfa Romeo 4C jumps to mind. What if these rolling works of art came from the factory as a blank canvas? Bring your own drivetrain, anyone? Apparently, Destino Motors was thinking the same thing even before Fisker announced bankruptcy.

Lose 1,100 pounds, add 50% more power, V8 soundtrack. Suddenly I don’t feel so sad anymore.

RIP Karma. Long live the Destino.