2012 San Francisco Auto Show: The good, the ugly, the turkey

Spindle grille? More like snowplow grille

Before binging on turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, we made a trip out to the 2012 SF Auto Show. Located in the Moscone Center in downtown SF, this annual auto show typically gets the scraps from other better known auto shows. Nonetheless, it’s still a great event to bring family to during the holidays. Follow the jump for a rundown of the fast, the slow, and everything in between.

The featured image is the front view of this beauty, a Lexus LF-LC concept. Awful name, but slick and futuristic looking.

This baby hits warp 8

Audi’s R8 doesn’t attract the same crowds as when it first came out, but I still had a hard time pulling away.

If this was the Matrix, the Audi R8 would be the woman in red

Ben and I both don’t see the appeal of the new Acura ILX, but then again, I’ve seen more of these on the road than the Buick Verano.

Acura tries to capture some of the spotlight from the original TSX

Toyota and Cadillac both took their new lineup to the gym in hopes of attracting younger buyers.

Toyota's 2013 Avalon sporting some serious looking wheels and brakes

Avalon + TRD = eh?

The Cadillac ATS spokesmodel didn't look happy to be there

ATS interior has seniors and teenagers excited alike

I hate the CUE capacitive buttons

Cadillac's back!

Strangely, Buick had two compact models, the Verano and the Encore. It reflects America’s changing tastes for smaller premium vehicles.

This Verano wishes it had a turbo

Can you have an Encore without a predecessor?

For contrast, Chevrolet brought some bigger models if downsizing isn’t your cup of tea.

Chevy Impala moves upmarket

Hidden in the back, the Chevy Malibu gets no love

Ford wins my vote for best exterior design language. Lincoln’s MKZ also breathed some fresh life into a neglected brand.

Bond. Joe-average Bond.

Ford's Flex wagon deserves it's own hiphop video

Ford Raptor Soviet Package - now with 4 missiles!

Lincoln MKZ, still relevant?

LED lamps are all the rage


BMW and Mercedes both decided to powdercoat their show cars. Too bad they both picked the same ugly chocolate ice cream color.

Powder coat this.

Powder coat that.

If brown’s not your color, Fiat’s got you covered.

Taste the rainbow


Man tries to squeeze himself into Fiat 500 Abarth engine bay. Fails.

Sometimes, it’s best to just avoid color entirely…

For shame Kia, for shame

Scion hosted a test drive event. I drove a new FR-S with just 17 miles on the odometer. Driving it 4 blocks around city streets isn’t going to be a good test of the car, but you can’t help but smile while chirping the tires at every stop and corner. This is a fun little car.

25k weekend toy


Scion's quirky marketing oozes cuteness

The SF auto show might not have the same pull as other international auto shows, but it’s still a great event and venue for seeing the latest cars and trucks. What makes it fun is being able touch and sit in the cars that you would normally only read about in magazines.