2007 Honda Fit, Wrecked!


As a car enthusiast, I love the idea of a lightweight and nimble vehicle. While not sporty, nor powerful, my own xB weighs in at a svelte 2,400 lbs. While car enthusiasts pine for lightweight hot hatches like the original GTI (1,742 lbs), I’m glad that my friend Gordon was surrounded by an additional thousand pounds of steel and side airbags when he was T-boned in an intersection by a reckless driver. While his Fit was still under 2,500 lbs, it’s clear from the photos of the wreck that it did a good job of keeping structural integrity during the crash. He was also fortunate enough to have been hit on the passenger side while he was the only one in the car. ¬†Gordon was shaken from the accident, and very sore for the following week. Even though we’re sad to see this Fit in such mess, we’re glad it was the car rather than the driver. With 150,000 miles on the clock, it was too soon for the Fit to die, but at least it lived a long and well cared for life.

Deployed side curtain airbags

Driver side is intact